VeriCells™ - Control Cells for Flow Cytometry

Everyone loves good flow cytometry data, but having the right controls to interpret and troubleshoot your experiment is just as critical. Whether you need to accurately gate your populations or figure out whether your result is unique or an artifact, appropriate controls provide context and clarity. Flow cytometry controls are of particular importance in reference laboratories, clinical research organizations, and multi-center clinical trials to monitor assay performance and variability for longitudinal studies.

Veri-Cells™ - BioLegend's Control Cell Range

Veri-Cells™ is BioLegend's range of lyophilized control cell products, which can be used to help monitor data quality and aid in reproducibility in multi-center and longitudinal studies. Veri-Cells™ boast the following features:

  • Exceptional long term stability: All Veri-Cells™ products highly stable, whether used immediately, 5 days after reconstitution, or up to a year in their lyophilized state, making them highly suitable for long-term longitudinal studies.
  • Provide scatter profiles similar to fresh samples.
  • Veri-Cells™ products have been validated against BioLegend's human LEGENDScreen™ panel. You can view all of the verified cell markers here.
  • Rigorous quality control: Veri-Cells™ PBMC products are quality controlled for the following T cell, B cell, and natural killer cells markers: CD3, CD19, CD4, CD8, CD56/CD16. All Veri-Cells™ products are tested to be free of HIV, HBV, syphilis, and HCV.

Wide Choice of Veri-Cells™ Formats

There are a number of Veri-Cells™ formats to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Some of the most popular Veri-Cells™ products include:

Veri-Cells™ PBMC

Veri-Cells™ PBMC consists of lyophilized human PBMCs validated for over 150 surface markers and intracellular targets, exhibiting a scatter profile similar to freshly isolated PBMCs (Figure 1).

Veri-Cells™ CD4-Low PBMC

Veri-Cells™ CD4-Low PBMC has been specially formulated to contain a lower frequency of CD4+ cells, similar to that observed in patients with CD4 immunodeficiency (Figure 1). The expected frequency of CD3+ CD4+ cells can be found on the certificate of analysis for each lot.

Figure 1: Representative scatterplots for Veri-Cells™ PBMC and Veri-Cells™ CD4-Low PBMC.
Figure 1: Representative scatterplots for Veri-Cells™ PBMC and Veri-Cells™ CD4-Low PBMC.

Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes

Unlike Veri-Cells™ PBMC and CD4-Low PBMC, Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes contain neutrophils and eosinophil populations (Figure 2). These cells can be used as controls or reference material to monitor the expression of granulocyte markers such as CD15 and CD16.

Figure 2: Representative scatterplots for Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes.
Figure 2: Representative scatterplots for Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes.

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Learn more about VeriCells, or view the complete VeriCells™ portfolio here. As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at for an informal chat about how Veri-Cells™ could add to your research.